Endagered Species Swaziland

Endagered Species

The financial support of the Big Game Park project in Swaziland (resettlement of threatened small antelopes in the Mlilwane Game Sanctuary, a park specifically suited to this) was also continued this year. The amount contributed enabled other antelopes such as Oribies, Klipspringer, Red Duiker and Mountain Rheedbuck antelopes to be resettled. We are also continuing to support the current project with its attendant costs.

The existing population has developed well, in spite of having to cope with some losses amongst the Oribies antelopes due to python snakes. However even more animals are required in order to successfully resettle the various types of antelope in Swaziland and to reach the necessary numbers that will ensure successful breeding. Our commitment to this cause will therefore remain steadfast.
Endagered Species

Klipspringer in the Mlilwane Game Sanctuary
Photo P. Leuenberger

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