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Wild Dog Release into CKGR

Wild dog in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve are seen very seldom. They are an endagered species. CKGR Research Group is studying wild dogs in the CKGR for getting a better idea why they are threatened and what could be helpful to change this.

Last August 4 wild dogs which were found in a farmer area had been with help of the Comanis Foundation translocated into the CKGR.

This update from the CKGR wild dog research group is about the monitoring of 4 wild dogs released into the northern CKGR at the end of August. One male wild dog and three pups captured in the far south of Botswana near Makapong were bonded with three captive breed female wild dogs from the Grasslands Lodge and released into the northern CKGR at the end of August. The CKGR research project has been able to determine that one of the Grasslands female unfortunately died in mid September. She was collared and we located her body 16 km east of Deception Valley. The translocated male wild dog spent his first few weeks after the release within the CKGR and even went 40 km into the park to Deception Valley. He then moved outside of the CKGR for the next few weeks. At this stage it is important to continue monitoring the wild dog to determine where and if he eventually settles.

It is also a unique opportunity to study and learn about the how wild dogs behave when translocated, if they survive and meet up with other wild dogs, remain inside a protected area in which they are released or continue to move outside of the CKGR along with many other things on space use and wild dog ecology.
Wild Dog Release

Two of the wild dogs from Grasslands in the release structure moments before they were released into the CKGR to fend for themselves.
Photo K.Collins

filmed and edited by Sarah Kerr

"The Botswana Department of Wildlife and National Parks believes in non-lethal methods of managing their predator populations and as such attempt to resolve predator human wildlife conflict by translocation carnivores that live outside of protected areas and predate livestock into protected areas"
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