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VOW Helping to protect wildlife

Comanis Foundation is supporting for the second year in a row the Vets on Wheels, which is practised by two Vets (Dr. Andrea Grochowski from Germany and Dr. Desmond Stafford from South Africa) both authorized to practise in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia and both dedicated to the welfare of animals, wild and domestic. Their recent project is a dog sterilization program in Namibia and Botswana.

Many rural communities are situated alongside National Game Reserves and Parks. Spaying and vaccinating animals reduces the crossover of Canine Distemper (CD), Canine Parvovirus (CPV), Rabies and other canine diseases from dogs to other (wild) animal species. This crossover of infections is known to affect the Bat-eared Fox, Wild Dog, Jackal and Lion. It also (surprisingly) affects numerous species of browsers and grazers such as Kudu and Impala!.

The sterilization of a dog has a direct impact on its owner and family. The animal is not only sterilized, but vaccinated against Rabies, CPV and CD. It is also treated for worms and TVT (Transmissable Venereal Tumor – a sexually transmitted form of genital cancer) where possible. The dog’s condition improves dramatically. Its worth increases too, as it is no longer inclined to roam in search of a mate or food to feed continual litters of puppies. The destruction of unwanted litters is also reduced. The dog’s loyalty and usefulness to the homestead improves and it becomes a fully integrated member of the household.

Last year over 650 animals have been treated thru Vets on Wheels.
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Desmond Stafford sterelizes a dog in front of community members.
Photo A. Grochowski

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