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Our plan to supply western Kaokoland with 2000 blankets had to change quickly when the north central and north eastern part of Namibia flooded the worst floods in 40 years. Comanis Namibia decided to re-direct these blankets to victims of the floods in the low lying areas. With the excellent assistance from Jo at Kanabo Safaris, 1000 blankets were sent to Windhoek via road. From there the blankets were urgently distributed to community leaders in affected areas who then assisted with thedistribution to the most needy. A further 1000 blankets were procured in Swakopmund of which 400 have been distributed by me into badly affected areas I visited. 400 blankets have been earmarked for Jeanene Schutz's effort to distribute via missionaries. We are still trying to find a sponsor to transport these blankets north from Swakopmund. 200 blankets have been earmarked for the Ngepi Camp area. The Ngepi people indicated that they would collect the blankets from Swakop but their area has now been completely flooded. Communication with them has now become a problem. At this stage we are also looking for a sponsor who can assist with the transport of these blankets to the Ngepi (Caprivi) area. I would also like to thank Wesbank transport for their kind assistance with transporting of blankets.

Mother Nature forced us to change our plans. From the notes received from the recipients I am convinced we did the right thing. Hopefully we can re-visit the plan to donate blankets to the Himbas in Kaokoland in future.
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Blankets distributed to local people
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