Ted Reilly

Comanis-Mlilwane North

Relocating endangered species into Mlilwane North

“Mlilwane North is an important extension of the Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary. The montane grasslands and boulder communities of vegetation are integral to this protected habitat – a part of an ecotype which has rapidly been invaded and destroyed by alien commercial forests and unplanned human expansion, displacing native wildlife almost everywhere in western Swaziland. Mlilwane North is an important catchment area, contributing greatly to stream and river flow needed by communities downstream, as well as an essential extension of Mlilwane on which to establish roan antelope, oribi, vaal, rhebuck and many other rare, threatened and locally endangered species. All capital aspects of development will need help with funding while recurrent costs will be met from revenues. We are grateful to Corinne Itten of Comanis Foundation, Hamish Currie of Back to Africa and Dr John Knowles for their substantial support of this project which not only relocates roan antelope from overseas, but also seeks to habituate them to the wild as a fully viable population.”

Ted Reilly, CEO Big Game Parks, Swaziland
Umsiedelung gefährdeter Tierarten
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