Moses Selebatso


About the "Schwelle"

I have travelled around the Botswana and have enjoyed the country. Traversing from the wetland systems of the Okavango Delta and Chobe River, crossing through the Makgadikgadi pans systems and the Central Kalahari to the Kalahari Transfrontier Park one can surely write an amazing story about Botswana. The contrast from a wetland to a dryland! .....everyone’s dream adventure. However, in my own world (and I am certain in many other’s), the story book will be incomplete if there isn’t a mention of the Schwelle system.

Earlier ecologists have described the area as the heart of the Kalahari ecosystem. A place where large herds of Kalahari herbivores breed and migrate to both the Kalahari Tranfrontier Park and the Central Kalahari, and further into the Boteti-Makgadikgadi system. A lot has changed over the years and quite a lot has been lost and may not be recovered. Sad for the future ecologists….some of them will read stories, and will just make their uninformed imaginations. I am one of the lucky ecologists to have seen the possibly last bit of the Schwelle. A good portion of remnants of the Schwelle lies in the Kgalagadi District (KD2) controlled hunting area.

Dr. Moses Selebatso, Researcher Botswana
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